Providing Clean Air to Your Community Has Never Been this Affordable!

Providing Clean Air to Your Community Has Never Been this Affordable!

The U.S. EPA has enhanced its available funds for school bus fleets electrification to $900M through its Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles program.

Lion has an in-house team of grants specialists ready to help you through the entire grant application process. Contact us today and start saving on your operational costs – up to 80% in energy costs and 60% in maintenance costs – from day 1.

Program closes July 25th, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to electrify your fleet!

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Range* – Up to 160 miles

Battery Capacity – Up to 210 kWh

Top Speed – 60 mph

Maximum Power – 365 kW / 489 HP

Maximum Torque – 2,860 Nm | 2,109 ft-lb

Motor & Invertor – SUMO MD / Dana TM4 – 800 V

Transmission – Direct drive / No transmission

Charging Types

Standard | Level III

Optional | CCS-Combo

*Based on 65% GVWR, on a Rowan University Composite School Bus Cycle.

Front Axle – Up to 10,000 lb

Rear Axle – Up to 21,000 lb


Standard | Spring suspension

Optional | Rear air ride


Standard | Hydraulic brakes

Optional | Air brakes

Capacity – Up to 77 passengers

Vehicle Length – 473 in.

Vehicle Width – 96 – 102 in.

Vehicle Height – 122 in.

Wheelbase – 278 in.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – 31,000 lb

Healthy Benefits on the Road and in the Classroom

Going electric with Lion ensures a cleaner environment for your students and drivers alike to go to and from school everyday with all-electric LionCs.

Our purpose-built type C school buses are zero-emission, which will preserve your students’ and drivers’ lungs, as well as facilitate the formers’ attention level in the classroom thanks to the LionC reduced noise while driving.

A complete set of EV services at your disposal.

Tailored energy expertise and streamlined deployment – site planning, deployment of charging stations, and custom energy solutions.

Advanced EV telematics in one integrated platform – vehicles and fleet management, chargers and energy management, and V2G.

Simplified path to funding – eligibility assessment, grant writing and advocacy.

Accelerated payback and increased ROI – EV as-a-service, carbon credit monetization, and tailored financing.

Training programs for fleet excellence – hands-on training, technical deep dive, and online learning.

Technical support and parts – maintenance and service, warranty fulfillment, and parts.