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Meet Peter Tuckerman

Peter Tuckerman is Director of Sales for California. He came to Lion Electric from the clean diesel technology industry, where he last served as Vice President of a company managing West Coast sales and acquisitions.

Peter has a long history of diverse and valuable experience starting in the Air Force where he was a member of a small, unique team managing the U-2 aircraft missions all over the world. His civilian career started in 1999 as a bus and diesel truck mechanic in California. Early on, he instinctively knew that clean fuel alternatives were the future for bus and heavy-duty trucks. As he moved into management, he focused on expanding his knowledge into compressed natural gas and diesel after-treatment systems.

In 2006, Peter started his own company dedicated to clean diesel technology applications and grew it into a solid company with multiple locations and a strong reputation for customer service. Before selling his company he led multiple teams and opened new facilities in states just starting to focus on clean transportation. He was also instrumental in working with state legislative committees to establish the framework and protocols to successfully implement clean air policies.

“I find the technology and culture of innovation exciting and I love collaborating with all the passionate, professional people in this industry. And what we do makes a direct and immediate improvement in our local communities and that helps the whole world.”

When he was given the opportunity to join Lion Electric’s team of entrepreneurial go-getters and jump to the next level of clean transportation, the choice was a no-brainer. For him, electric is the smartest direction the bus and heavy truck industry can take, economically, environmentally, and socially.

Those who know Peter understand that the depth of his experience in this technology-driven industry gives him unique insights to better serve the needs of both the company and customer. And that’s an advantage he’s putting to good use at Lion.

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