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All-electric Type C School Bus


Up to 335 HP – 250 kW


100 mi. – 125 mi. – 155 mi.


Up to 220 kWh


Level II (J1772) & III (CCS-Combo)


Lion Academy // Based on our experience delivering and servicing electric vehicles, Lion has developed a training program, live or virtual, for mechanics, drivers, and school districts called Lion Academy. Lion’s customized training programs are built to share several levels of electric vehicle knowledge based on different criteria. Since electric vehicles are new for customers switching from diesel to electric, training is necessary to help bridge the knowledge gap.

Charging Infrastructure // Lion can help identify the right charging station for your needs. We can also connect you with your respective utility and act as Project Manager. To ensure a smooth transition, we understand the importance of initiating the infrastructure discussion with the utility company, electrician, manufacturer and customer early in the process.

Ability to Leverage Incentives // Lion was the first manufacturer to receive modern zero-emission electric battery school bus funding in the nation. To help our customers deploy zero-emission vehicles, our grant specialists identify, leverage, and secure advantageous funding opportunities. We have extensive expertise in leveraging funding and the most relevant electric battery experience in the industry.

What makes Lion leader?

Lion currently has over 300 electric school buses on the road with more than 4 million miles driven. That means we are in a unique position to have valuable operating data, extensive experience and a history of technological advancements under our belt.

Lion buses are purpose-built and committed to zero-emissions. We build our own chassis, body, battery packs and design our own proprietary operating software. Our buses are not retrofitted diesel vehicles. They are born to be electric.

Lion has the fastest delivery timeline for zero-emission, heavy-duty vehicles in the industry. We are ready to deliver NOW!

Since its creation, Lion’s evolution never stopped, constantly innovating and launching new technologies. In less than a decade, Lion now offers a wide range of revolutionary products.

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